Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sometimes it Happens by Lauren Barnholdt

Back-Story: I read The Thing About the Truth and I like Lauren Barnholdt’s writing and this is her only other book that my library has, so I rented it.

Review: I liked this book a lot. It was nicely paced and a good story line with great characters. It goes back and forth between the first day of senior year and the summer before it. The story is mainly between Hannah and her best friend Ava and Ava’s boyfriend Noah with Sebastian and Lacy as the co characters. On the last day of school Hannah gets her heart broken and while Ava is gone away to work at a summer camp, Noah helps her get over the heartbreak, but spending the summer together Noah and Hannah start to have feelings for each other.
Looks: I like the cover. It helps the feel of the book and it sums up how Hannah is.

Content: Cussing and there’s an incident but it isn’t graphic at all and it’s just an exchange in passing.

Likes: The main characters were good and I liked them a lot. I also liked Lauren’s writing and how she switched from the summer to the first day of school in the chapters.

Dislikes: Lacy and Sebastian were the only things I didn’t like. Lacy was super annoying with her anxiety and Sebastian was annoying because he wouldn’t leave Hannah alone.

Overall: I would totally recommend this book and it’s worth reading again.

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