Monday, December 23, 2013

Hana by Lauren Oliver

Back-Story: I am a huge fan of Delirium and I borrowed Hana from my sister’s nook and started and finished it within the hour I got it.

Review: The novella is okay. I didn’t like it all that much. I liked Hana in Delirium, but in the novella I didn’t really like Hana all that much. In Delirium Hana is a free spirit and seems like the rebel type that wants Lena to join in the rebellion with her, but in Hana it seems like Hana is just as scared as Lena and she’s been putting up a front. The novella is really short and it seems like the whole point of it is to figure out what the secret is. I had figured out what the secret was before reading Hana and when I read Hana I was expecting a jaw dropping moment and didn’t get it which left me a little disappointed.

Looks: The cover is okay. I don’t really know what the flowers have to do with the novella. I wish it had a picture of Hana, or at least part of a face that shows her hair and mouth and such instead.
Content: It’s really short (which I expected since it is a novella) but it seemed shorter than the other novella’s I’ve read.
Likes: It was nice to see things thought Hana’s eyes and see how she really was.

Dislikes: I wish there was a little bit more depth to Hana’s character and I’m kind of disappointed that I like the Delirium Hana better than that Hana Hana. I was hoping to get the free spirit Hana and was disappointed with what I got.

Overall: Overall it’s an okay novella. I will probably buy it since I have the rest of the books, but you don’t have to read it at all to keep up with the Delirium novels. If you want to know the secret you can probably just Google it and it would be just like reading the novella and it’ll save you some money too.(

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