Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Crush by Lacey Weatherford

Back-Story: I downloaded a sample of this book for my Nook and immediately was intrigued and when I finished the sample I quickly bought the rest of the book.

Review: This book is amazing! The plot was really good and well paced. I really liked the interaction between the characters and I liked how the chapters changed from Cami’s point of view to Hunters. I normally don’t like books that change from point of views or have the main guys point of view, but this book completely changed my opinion on that. There is a major plot twist that I didn’t see coming and whenever I talk about the plot twist I refer to it as “The plot twist of the century” because I really think it’s that good.

Looks: I like the cover. I like it a lot. The model is hot and fits the description of Hunter and is exactly how I envisioned him. The sticky note in the background actually has a role in the book and I liked the lockers in the background because school is a main role in the book too.

Content: There’s a lot of make out scenes that goes into more detail than I’m used to, but there is no sex scene.


Dislikes: Absolutely nothing.

Overall: Recommend? Yes. A thousand times yes.

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