Monday, December 2, 2013

Safe Landing by Tess Oliver

Back-Story: I had just bought a Nook HD and saw that this book was only 99 cents, so I went ahead and bought it. Usually I read the sample of the book first, but the description talked about a ghost living in the Brazils room and being a huge fan of Meg Cabot’s Mediator series I went ahead and bought the book.

Review: I was a little let down about this book. There was a lot of cussing and name calling that I didn’t care for. The ghost isn’t in the book all that much and he doesn’t end up as a main person like I thought he would be. The book is very long which I thought would be a good thing, but the book just kept dragging on and I was just wanting to finish it to get it over with.

Looks: The cover on Goodreads is different than the cover from the Nook. I like the Nook cover better (it’s a girl in a swimsuit on the beach), but it doesn’t look like a very professional cover. It looks more like someone took a picture and used an app from their phone to put the tittle on.

Content: A lot of cussing and Brazil puts herself in a dangerous situation with a guy that doesn’t have a good reputation.

Likes: The ghost and his story of way he’s still lingering on earth.(I just wish there was more focus on his story).

Dislikes: The language, the ghost doesn’t get as much attention as I thought he should have.

Overall: This book was cheap and long which I liked, but the book overall was disappointing. I’m glad I only spent a dollar on it and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you can’t find anything new to read and just want to kill some time.

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