Friday, December 6, 2013

Smitten by Lacey Weatherford

This book gave me so many feels. I literally was blown away with this book, which doesn't happen to me with sequels.  I first discovered the first book in the series Crush when I was checking books out for my new nook. If you haven't read Crush already then I demand that you do. I demand it! It's an incredible book containing the "plot twist of the century" and Smitten was just as amazing.

It was great to see Cami and Hunter move on with their lives and move past what happened in the first book, and it was crazy when they were thrown into another mess. The fact that Cami and Hunter couldn't really be themselves with each other in the book is what made the book. I loved that they had to steal moments with each other and there was always the threat of what could happen if they were found out.

There again was a plot twist, but it didn't completely throw me as much as the plot twist in the first book. As always, I loved Cami and Hunter, but I also liked the new characters introduced to us. I liked how Lacey was able to write about the case and use terms that real people use in life and not just make up things that she randomly heard on TV like some authors do.

This book was seriously amazing and I really hope there's going to be another.

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