Saturday, December 7, 2013

Falling for You by Lisa Schroeder


Back-Story: While I was looking at books to order at my library I found this and ordered it.

Review: The book starts off with Rae in the hospital and obviously something major has happened to her. We then learn that her stepdad is abusive and her mom doesn’t really do anything about it. The book goes into how every time a guy pursues Rae she gets scared and runs away. Nathan is a new guy that just came into town and her friends encourage her to go out with him. She does and the relationship is moving too fast for her so she breaks up with him, but Nathan can’t have that. He basically stalks her by showing up where she is, calling her non-stop, and texting her all the time. He gets jealous when she hangs out with another guy and he whines all the time. Rae is struggling with her home life and the new Nathan drama just makes it worse. Rae’s stepdad keeps coming to her for her paycheck so he can pay off his debt and the whole scenario is what makes her end up in the hospital.

Looks: I hate the cover. This is the first cover that I have ever hated. In the book there is a scene where Rae and Nathan kiss in the rain and I’m assuming that it’s Nathan on the cover since the two are kissing and it’s raining, but it confuses me because ultimately Rae doesn’t end up with Nathan. Also, I think the angle of the girl’s face is a really bad angle and just makes it look weird.

Content: A few cuss words and creepy Nathan scenes.

Likes: The overall idea was nice. I started it and finished it the day I got it so it’s an easy read.

Dislikes: The description of the book talks about Rae’s stepdad being abusive. In actuality he slaps her twice and obviously, if he hits her it’s abuse but when I read the description I was expecting punches being thrown all the time, so this wasn’t really what I was expecting. Nathan is really annoying. I almost wanted to skip the pages he was in because he was such a baby.

Overall: It was enjoyable enough. It was interesting to see how things played out. I liked Rae’s character but the book lacked the romance I wanted. The book wasn’t necessarily bad it just didn’t meet my expectations. It isn’t a heart stopping book that makes you so sad that it’s over when you get to the last page, but it’s enjoyable enough to read at least once.

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