Thursday, June 26, 2014


So for anyone that doesn't already know, Delirium by Lauren Oliver was filmed to originally be a show, but wasn't picked up.  However, Hulu recently released the pilot episode on their website Before I go into the review, I would just like to say that Delirum was one of the best books I ever read. However, the short stories and two sequels sucked butt and ruined the series.
Emma Roberts plays Lena Haloway. She isn't who I pictured Lena to be, but I think that she was their best option. I love Emma Roberts and after watching the episode, I think I'd be okay with her and I think she'd work her way into the role and become Lena for me. They couldn't have gotten a worse actor for Alex than Daren Kagasoff. I don't think he's a great actor, and I think he's a terrible Alex. The only character I did like was Hana.

The episode itself was pretty terrible. It was way too fast and too many things happened. It felt rushed and there was no depth to anything. Within the first twenty minutes Lena and Alex were already making out, and by the end of the episode we are already seeing the ending of the book (which is a whopping 441 pages) when Lena goes over the fence. The episode felt more of a 'Previously on...' than anything. It felt like they were showing a bunch of clips and pushed them into an episode as if they were trying to catch viewers up on what happened.

They also included characters that shouldn't have been included. They added Julian, his family, the Wilds and a bunch of government people. It mostly confused me when it came to them.

I can only speak as a viewer, but what I would have rather seen was a relationship development with not only Alex and Lena but also Lena and Hana. There was no depth to any of their relationships and I felt like I was just supposed to assume Lena and Hana were best friends. I didn't have anything to go on to believe that they were. They should have slowed down the episode. Made many episodes to develop a relationship. Take a whole season to discover about her father. End the season with her going over the fence. Not add all of these events into 43 minutes.

Overall I'm very disappointed, and if this series was actually picked up and was going to be continued, I would never watch it. Not in a million years.

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