Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Radiant Sky by Jocelyn Davies

Um. What?

After finishing the series, that is my response.

The book was so, so good until we reached a certain point. I gave this book four stars out of five. If it weren't for that certain point, I would have rated it a five star book.

I really like Davies writing and I think she has a true talent, and I really hope she writes more books. I loved how this series was so different from other books. She took the angel thing and totally reworked it into something new and great. I loved the characters and the atmosphere. It was really fun to be reading about Colorado instead of some other place like New York.

I only have two complaints about this book. 1. Asher was barely in here. It was frustrating to me because he is the love interest. When there is a love interest, I want to read about the love interest. I don't want to see him in two pages in the beginning, and only have him come back on page 300. That is what this book did. We literally did not see Asher for 300 pages. We always saw Devin though. Devin Devin Devin.

My other complaint is the ending. And this could be considered a spoiler, so be warned. The big battle is going on and then it just stops. Skye has an idea that doesn't involve fighting, and all of a sudden, the fight it over and everyone gets over their hate for the sides. Like, what? That doesn't work in real life, and it shouldn't have worked in the book. I'm fine with the writer wanting to take it in a different direction, but it was the way she went about it. It was literally a light switch that went on and off.

But, fortunately, I can look past this. It was a really great series that I was just drawn to and I'm glad I picked up the books. I recommend it to everyone.

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