Monday, May 12, 2014

College Textbooks 4.0

Since I am a college student and am required to read textbooks, I figured why not rate and review them? These reviews are taken from my past reviews as the semesters went by, so unfortunately some of them are a sentence long and aren't helpful at all. It's been too long since I'd read them to write a useful and decent review, but here are my textbooks read in Spring 2014:

1.  The Restaurant: From Concept to Operation by

This book was amazing. I'm not a Food and Beverage major, but it was required for my degree (Hotel Management). I was never bored once and I found the chapters were easy to read and understand. It was very organized and I think it's one of the few textbooks that can be considered good and worth reading. (5 Stars)

2. Servsafe Manager by
I had to read this for my Food Sanitation class. The textbook was really quick to read and was easy to understand and helpful. There's pictures to help apply to the words, and it wasn't entirely boring to read. If you have to read this book I recommend buying it and not renting it because there is a lot of writing and exercises ServSafe wants you to do. (5 Stars)

3. Beginning Guitar Book with CD by

I really liked this book. It's great for beginning guitarists and I was lucky enough to take the class with the author of the book. If you are picking up a guitar just to learn a few things, I would definitely recommend getting this book. It not only gives you chords and notes, but it tells you how to play those chords and notes. I can't tell you how many books I've looked at that just give you a picture of a chord and expect you to know what to do. This book gives you background information to teach you what you should know so you can understand how and why they work. The CD that comes along with it was great to listen to and play along with. Definitely get this book if you get the chance. (5 Stars)
4. Red Rock Reader by

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