Saturday, May 10, 2014

College Texbooks 1.0

Since I am a college student and am required to read textbooks, I figured why not rate and review them? These reviews are taken from my past reviews as the semesters went by, so unfortunately some of them are a sentence long and aren't helpful at all. It's been too long since I'd read them to write a useful and decent review, but here are my textbooks read in Fall 2012:

1. Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations by

Very enjoyable book. I learnt a lot and had a good experience with it and the class. (4 Stars)

2. Tourism: Business of Travel & Goodes World Atlas by

I loved this book. It held my attention and it was filled with helpful information and maps. (5 Stars)

3. Astronomy Today by

I absolutely HATED this book. It was so confusing and hard to read and didn't hold my attention at all. If you're a science major, I'm sure you would love this book, but if you're someone like me who is only taking the class to fulfill a science credit, it will most likely be mind draining. (1 Star)

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