Sunday, November 24, 2013

United We Spy by Ally Carter

*Warning: This review may contain spoilers*

If you're expecting an amazing, incredible, fantastic book- this isn't it. I've been a fan of this series for a long time. I've read and reread all of the books and loved them, and when the final book was announced, I was a sad. And when I bought the book and read it within the same 24 hours I got it, I was disappointed. You can really tell that Ally was ready to finish the series. For one thing, it took her a while to put this one out because she started a new series. And another is just that it didn't have the fun and the humor in it like her other books. I think that this book (and the fifth one) was severely lacking. The plots were boring and predictable which is saying something because I can never guess things right. There isn't any romance in this either. The most you get out of Cammie and Zach are a couple kisses and that's it. And if you're looking for Mr. Solomon scenes? Forget it. He's only in two. I rarely get annoyed while reading books, but one thing that annoyed me was that the phrase 'Once Upon a Time' is used about twelve times in the book. Its once upon a time this and once upon a time that. I guess its used a lot to capture the feeling of moving on and graduating, and if that's the intention then well done because that's what it felt like. It was draining and at times even I was cringing at what was going on. I realize I'm staying a lot of negative things about this book but here is one positive: it had a nice ending. I liked where Ally sent her characters after graduation. It fit them well and felt right. I'd say the way that Cammie chooses to go is really predictable. You can just tell what she's going to do when she graduates and it's what I expected. I hope in some way Ally can continue the series. I know she has no intention of that, but I think a prequel with Gillian Gallagher as the main character would be pretty stinking cool. In conclusion, If you're a fan of the series then go ahead and read the book, but just don't expect an emotional goodbye.

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